We cannot pour from an empty cup.

It is no secret that the demands of our culture have left many of us overwhelmed, especially those in caregiving roles. When our bodies and minds are not regulated, we cannot learn, and we may act in unkind ways to ourselves and others.

The Roots Up video curriculum is an evidence-based library of videos where both caregiver and child calm the body and mind simultaneously. Each video builds upon the next and provides self-regulation strategies that infuse your entire community with calm and care.

Participants learn coping strategies and a natural way to increase focus, calm the nervous system, and cultivate compassion to self and others.

These skills can be carried into daily life to increase physical and mental wellness for all.

Hear from some of our students on how yoga and mindfulness have helped them in their lives.


We are in solidarity with respect to racial justice, disability rights, neurodiversity, and LGBTQ+ rights. We believe freedom lives in the opportunity to be who we are.

  • WELL-BEING: We are committed to supporting the path to healing and empowerment for all children.

  • RELATIONSHIP: We understand the importance of consistent positive relationships in children’s lives.

  • EXPERIENCE: We are constantly learning and implementing new evidence-based mind/body strategies to best serve children.

  • ACCESSIBILITY: We built a seated and standing curriculum for various abilities. Lesson plans were crafted to be well suited for minds that thrive on structure and routine.

  • AUTHENTICITY: We understand and acknowledge that every human is doing their best with the resources they do/do not have access to.

Julie Campilio + Roots Up Contributors

  • Founder of Radiant Beginnings + Roots Up

    Julie Campilio founded Radiant Beginnings in 2010 and Roots Up in 2019. She is a yoga and mindfulness educator and partner in research studies on children’s emotional wellness. She has been bringing yoga and mindfulness to diverse populations for over a decade and focuses on teaching youth how to develop tools to self-soothe.

    For the past 15 years, she has taught in private/public education, substance use centers, with underserved youth, children with special needs and has partnered with social workers, therapists, and educators to create content that supports the social and emotional needs of ages 3-18.

    Her drive to bring yoga and mindfulness to youth stem from her healing journey with anxiety and depression, specifically panic attacks. She is deeply committed to helping folks develop lifelong tools for big emotions and to increase resilience as part of a preventative approach to wellness.

    Happily living in Maine, she thrives in nature, loves herbalism, biking, running and being a mom to her very active three year old. She teaches with Sea Change Yoga to bring trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness to those in the community who don’t typically have access.

    Julie has been published in The New York Times, Elephant Journal, and Meditation Apps: Insight Timer and Gaiam.

  • Professor of Psychology – Human Development

    University of Southern Maine

    Dr. Thompson’s research focus on children’s social-cognitive development. Bruce collaborated with Julie on data collection, exploring the benefits of the Roots Up video curriculum for children and teachers at Riverton Elementary School in Portland, Maine and with the Maine Department of Education.

    Dr Bruce Thompson
  • Associate Professor of Education & Program Coordinator of Elementary Teacher Licensure

    Regis University, Denver, CO

    Charles collaborated with Julie on data collection, exploring the benefits of the Roots Up video curriculum for 5th-grade students and their teachers at Greenwood Elementary School in Denver, CO.

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    Dr. Charles Igel
  • Professor

    University of Denver: Graduate School of Social Work, Denver, CO.

    Nicole and Julie collaborated to test the effectiveness of the video curriculum on the students’ quality of life. The curriculum was offered in conjunction with weekly wellness classes.

    Dr. Nicole Nicotera, LISCW
  • Founder & Director of Base Education

    Robin is the founder of BASE Education and helped oversee guided imagery in the Roots Up curriculum.

    Robin Glenn, LPC
  • Pediatric Occupational Therapist

    Cherry Creek School District, Denver, CO.

    Kara completed her dissertation with Roots Up and collected data on children on the autism spectrum and the impact deep breathing, mindfulness, and guided imagery had on self-regulation.

    Kara Leigh Taylor, OTD

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