Micah and the Worry Stone

A Quest of Courage

A children’s book that teaches healthy, concrete tools for emotional regulation and anxiety relief.

A brave young snow leopard goes on a quest, but is met with anxiety, self-doubt, and various obstacles along the way…

Micah and the Worry Stone was written as a tale of courage, and it was also written to teach healthy coping skills, both for children and the adults who care for them.

All children need healthy coping skills to soothe their bodies and minds.

Micah learns how to manage her anxiety and self-doubt on her journey, so children can learn alongside her and apply those lessons to their own lives. By offering specific tools to help children become more resilient in the face of anxiety and worry, Micah’s story speaks directly to children who are experiencing those same challenges.

Micah’s story teaches coping skills like self-awareness, deep breathing, and asking for help, and reminds us that the power to ease our worries is already inside us.

Here’s what 10- and 11-year-old readers said about Micah:

I like this book because it teaches you a big lesson about believing in yourself. And if you’re worried, you can always take deep breaths.”

Anna, 5th grader

I learned from this book that when you get stressed, it’s really good to take some time to yourself, and take some deep breaths in, and just relax yourself. I feel like Micah learned that in the book. The stone didn’t have a special power, it was to remind her.”

Max, 5th grader

I loved this book because it’s realistic. It’s about everyday feelings that a lot of people have.”

Eli, 5th grader

I learned that we all have power inside, and sometimes we just need to express it, and that power comes in many different sizes.”

Graciela, 5th grader

I liked it because it had a lesson about how to stay courageous, and how to get your courage back.”

Julia, 5th grader

I would read this book to my younger brother, because he gets nervous really easily.”

Bella, 5th grader

About the Authors & Illustrator

Julie Campilio, Co-Author

For the past 20 years, Julie has dedicated her life to equipping youth with healthy coping skills through Radiant Beginnings and Roots Up.

Her mission to provide all children with tools to self-soothe is deeply personal. As a child, she struggled with anxiety, and as she was later in life diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, she now realizes that her anxiety stemmed from her brain being wired differently.

Julie is a mom to a neurodivergent child and is passionate about creating equitable environments where everyone feels free to be their authentic selves. From her professional and personal experiences, Julie understands first-hand how important it is for children with big emotions to have inclusive self-regulation tools.

With this as her driving force, she continues to create content that is evidence-based and rooted in empowering all children with tools to navigate life’s inevitable twists and turns.

Emily Wittenhagen, Co-Author

Emily is a practicing nutritionist, herbalist, and hypnotherapist with a Master’s in Nutrition and Integrative Health and believes strongly in earth medicine, from nature itself to the food and botanicals that grow within it. Some other focuses include mental wellness and adolescent health.

She is also a lifelong writer with an undergrad creative writing degree whose original dream job was to write children’s books, which she and childhood best friend and next door neighbor Julie Campilio began doing in the 3rd grade…and started up again in 2015 with the first draft of Micah and the Worry Stone.

She grew up in the town of Danvers, MA and lives in Portland, Maine, practicing natural medicine through her business, Breeze Holistic, and as usual, spending all possible free time in nature.

Kara Taylor, Illustrator

Kara is an artist and illustrator based in Aurora, Colorado. In addition to producing freelance projects, Kara has a doctorate in Occupational Therapy and is a practicing pediatric occupational therapist — which means she gets to spend time in a career where creativity and her appreciation for children intersect.

During her time as an independent artist, she has published images for children’s books, print and web advertising, and enjoys collaborating with clients to create individual pieces that bring their ideas to life. Her work has been lauded by influential art critics, including her grandma JoAnn, who describes Kara’s work as “a bit weird.”

About Julie, Emily, & Kara

Julie and Emily grew up next door to each other and created their first children’s book in the third grade. From running lemonade stands and selling painted shells as kids, they grew into entrepreneurs dedicated to fostering self-compassion and healing in others.

Julie and Kara met while Kara was doing her dissertation in pediatric occupational therapy, and wanted to learn more about the impact yoga and mindfulness had on children with developmental delays.

Together Julie, Emily, and Kara created Micah, weaving together their personal stories and professional experiences to craft a beautiful story with a positive impact.

Peek inside Micah’s world…

An illustration from Micah and the Worry Stone
An illustration from Micah and the Worry Stone

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Make story time self-soothing time with Micah.

Micah’s story teaches coping skills like self-awareness, deep breathing, and asking for help, and reminds us that the power to ease our worries is already inside us.