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Bring more stress-relief tools to the children in your home

Roots Up is a video library filled with research-backed, 5-minute videos proven to help all children self-regulate, calm their bodies and minds, and build compassion for themselves and others.

In addition to teachers, social workers, and program facilitators, individual caregivers like parents, guardians, and occupational therapists also use Roots Up with children in their homes.

Caregivers can get an individual subscription for $30 a month, or for one annual payment of $310 (save $50), including:

  • Full access to a growing library of over 50 evidence-based videos: Each video builds upon the last, and teaches a different self-soothing strategy or skill. Seated and movement options are always available.

  • Regular video uploads: We never stop learning, and always stay up to date with current research and practices, so we upload new videos regularly.

  • Direct support from Julie, Roots Up Founder: Julie is always accessible via email and happy to answer any questions you may have.

We built Roots Up on years of research, first-hand experience, and collaboration with experts — but children have been our most important contributors.

Listening to and learning from the children we serve is our greatest asset.

I’m definitely more relaxed which helps me be kinder… Peaceful thoughts, peaceful words… It helps me do that in real life.”


Sometimes I get really upset during the day and I use those flower breaths and they really help me calm down.”


If something was going on at home and I was stressed out the videos helped me calm down and get ready for the day.”


Sign up for an individual subscription at $30/month, or save $50 with an annual subscription.


If you have a question that’s not listed here, please feel free to reach out to Julie.

Can I use the same video more than once?2023-02-15T17:52:02-05:00

Absolutely. Please use them however you see fit. Our research has shown that watching the same video three times helps participants gain mastery over the targeted skill.

Can I unsubscribe?2023-02-15T17:51:32-05:00

Yes, anytime you choose.

Are the videos trauma-informed?2023-02-15T17:26:48-05:00

Yes. Julie, Roots Up Founder, has 15 years of experience bringing trauma-informed self-regulation strategies to children who need them. We created the library with explicit consideration for what happens in the brain and body after a child has experienced trauma, and we do everything we can to minimize potential triggers.

Every video is led by Julie and follows the same basic structure, so viewers always know who and what to expect. We speak with inviting language that emphasizes choice, and only use calm, soothing, natural visuals and sounds.

We are constantly learning about how to craft and teach accessible, equitable, trauma-informed practices, so we upload new videos quarterly based on the latest research.

Do the videos actually translate to changes in a classroom setting?2023-02-15T13:51:53-05:00

Yes, our research shows that when practiced regularly, Roots Up videos improve participant behavior, focus, attitude, and reduce their feelings of stress. Read our case studies to learn more.

Teachers and caregivers already have so much on their plates — will they have time for this? And, will it fit into their existing routines and programs?2023-02-15T13:52:02-05:00

Absolutely. Over time, caregivers see results by playing just one 5-minute video a day. And because the videos are so short, they’re often used as a transition between activities, or as a compliment to other social-emotional learning programs and platforms.

What ages is the curriculum designed for?2023-02-15T13:52:09-05:00

The curriculum is designed for ages 4-12, but people ages 3-85 have used and loved the videos. Feel free to watch a sample video to experience it for yourself.

If caregivers aren’t familiar with mindfulness and yoga practices, will they be comfortable implementing the videos?2023-02-15T17:26:12-05:00

Absolutely. All they have to do is press play, and Julie takes care of the rest. Roots Up facilitators usually participate alongside the children they serve, so they can take 5 minutes to self-soothe, too.

If you think self-soothing videos might be a good fit for the children and caregivers you serve, let’s connect.

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