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What ages do you work with?2021-11-09T15:34:14-05:00

Ages 3-103

What age is the curriculum designed for?2021-12-30T17:34:50-05:00

The curriculum was designed for ages 4-12. However, ages 3-85 have used the videos. We invite you to try out the free week to see if you think it would be a good fit for you or those you work with.

Is this program just for schools and children?2021-11-09T15:35:05-05:00

No. We created this program with the facilitator in mind, which means we aim to help adults as well. We are excited to collaborate with anyone who could use a moment to pause, relax, and reboot!

What makes it a curriculum?2021-12-30T17:35:16-05:00

Each video builds upon the next and includes a different deep breathing technique, mindful moment or movement and guided imagery to give youth tools to practice in each video. The lessons are in sequential order and were crafted to build upon each other.

Do the videos need to be done in order?2021-11-09T15:45:48-05:00

The first 24 videos are meant to be practiced in order, so participants learn the targeted skill in each video. However, if you are short on time, feel free to choose anything from the curriculum that meets your needs. Each video/audio includes deep breathing, mindfulness, and guided imagery, so each is designed to help calm and refocus no matter which one you choose.

Do I need to rearrange my space?2021-12-30T17:36:05-05:00

All videos were designed with limited space in mind. Some use them at their desks, others prefer to create an open space.

Does each video include movement?2021-12-30T17:40:16-05:00

Each video gives the option of engaging in mindful movement or you can choose to practice in the comfort of a chair without any standing.

Is there data behind this work?2021-11-09T15:39:19-05:00

Research shows many benefits of deep breathing techniques, mindfulness, and guided imagery. Additionally, we have our own case studies with supporting research, which can be found here.

How are the videos being used?2021-11-09T15:48:14-05:00

Schools, hospitals, mental health facilities and homes. The Roots Up program is being used by schools across the US to support SEL requirements. We have supported schools using Second Step Curriculum, Zones of Regulation and Open Circle. Parents are using the video curriculum to help support their children who experience anxiety or big emotions.

What do I need to administer the curriculum?2021-12-30T17:42:19-05:00

All you need to play the video curriculum is a computer (or mobile device for smaller practices) and an internet connection.

How often should I use it to see an impact?2021-12-30T17:43:04-05:00

Research shows that using the videos 3-5 times a week for 8 weeks will help increase focus and self-awareness + decrease anxiety and aggressive behavior.

Can I use the same video more than once?2021-12-30T17:42:36-05:00

Absolutely. Please use them however you see fit. Our research has shown that watching the same video three times helps participants gain mastery over the targeted skill.

Are there scholarship opportunities available?2021-11-09T15:48:18-05:00

Yes. For every 10 subscriptions Roots Up donates a subscription to a family or organization in need. To apply for a scholarship or to donate email Julie at

Can I unsubscribe?2021-11-09T15:48:21-05:00

Yes, anytime you choose.

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