Roots Up is created for those who want mindfulness and anxiety-reducing solutions for their children, but are overwhelmed and short on time.

The Roots Up library hosts over forty 5-minute videos that both caregiver and child practice together to soothe body and mind.

Each video includes guided imagery, deep breathing and mindfulness: all science-backed techniques to connect the mind and body. There’s always an option to engage in seated or movement practice.

Participants learn lifelong coping strategies and a natural way to increase focus, calm the nervous system, and cultivate compassion for self and others.

All videos are approximately 5 minutes long.

Subscription Includes:
(Please email for groups of 5+)

46 evidence-based videos: Deep breathing, mindfulness, and guided imagery. Options available for seated positions.

Quarterly video uploads: New specialty curated content based on updated research


All you need to play the video curriculum is a computer (or mobile device for smaller practices) and an internet connection.

Some Tips to Implement:

Use the videos at the start the day, during a transition or at the end of the day.

Our research shows that playing the same video up to 3 times helps participants gain mastery over the target skill.

Participants who used the curriculum 3-5x a week showed an increase in focus and a decrease in anxiety in both caregiver and client.

Frequently Asked Questions
Kids participating in a Roots Up video brain break in class

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